Innovating Mobile Technology for Therapy and Education

The Writing Machine

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The road to literacy is based on a foundation that starts with the development of very specific concepts related to language, print awareness and recognition. It is well known that developing concepts about print at an early age is invaluable to a child’s overall literacy development.

The Writing Machine starts this process by introducing how one picture and one word go together. From this foundation, your child will begin to understand additional pre-literacy concepts including how to read text from left to right and to tell words from letters.
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The entire interface is designed with your child in mind!

Tap a key on the virtual keyboard and hear the letter, see a picture of a word that starts with the letter and watch the word being written as the word is spoken aloud.

Tap the picture on the screen monitor to hear the name of the picture that is displayed.

134 vocabulary words are included.

Program options include:

  • Explore and identify levels of engagement
  • ABC and QWERTY keyboard layouts with upper and lower case options
  • Direct selection, single and two switch scanning access methods options
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